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Guyco offers farm construction solutions across all agricultural markets for feed pads, herd homes, sheds and storage facilities. Guyco are experts in designing and constructing agricultural buildings for your site, to meet your specific business requirements. From feed pads and animal shelters to farm storage sheds and silage bins, our designs and costings can cover the entire build from plans, consent and earthworks, through to construction and post-construction maintenance.

Guyco works on-site with minimal disruption to your everyday business operations, our costs and timelines are provided upfront so you know the time and capital outlay from the outset. We’ve operated in the agricultural industry since 2002, and have over 60 years’ experience in the construction industry – we know how to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Whether you are constructing a new herd home or feed pad or farm storage facility, or upgrading an existing structure,  Guyco’s agricultural construction solutions deliver quality results every time.

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Guyco  farm construction solutions offer a range of flooring options, designed and adapted to suit your operation.  Dry scrape hard concrete floors are typically used for short term livestock holding, while woodchip or litter flooring can be used as a longer term, more environmentally friendly option. A combination of both concrete and shallow litter flooring may also be installed.

Concrete Feed Pad and Herd Home Bases – offer an easily maintained, clean surface for temporary animal housing and feeding. Our non-slip concrete surfaces allow for a safe standing environment for livestock. Effluent run-off containment reduces the environmental impact of high-intensity dairy or dry stock cattle housing, while soil integrity and pasture is preserved through reduced pugging, mud and over grazing.

Litter or Woodchip Bases – can be installed either atop a concrete pad or directly onto a compacted soil base. Guyco sources and installs medium to large woodchip, bark or post peelings to typically last 3-5 years before requiring replacement. Litter bases are ideal for longer term herd homes or cattle storage as they offer warmth and comfort while also dramatically reducing environmental impact through minimal effluent run-off and the ability to recycle old bases as compost. Litter bases are easy to install, simple to mix, aerate and top up, and offer a cost-effective flooring solution.

Other base options include limestone and gravel rock. Contact Guyco today to discuss your specific requirements and find the best solution for your business.


Guyco offers clear or covered roofing solutions for existing or new herd homes, feed pads, stand off shelters and farm sheds.  Covering dairy shelters reduces the amount of rainfall water run-off to decrease the environmental impact from uncaptured run-off and the pressure on effluent and settling ponds.

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Effluent Containment

Guyco are experts in effluent containment solutions and can design and build a system to suit your new or existing herd home or feed pad. Effluent containment systems incorporate traditional feed pad design with kerbing and a covered effluent bunker, a quick-dry design allows for efficient drying and a reduction in bacteria and disease. When required, the bunker can be emptied and scraped clean with effluent recycled as pasture fertiliser.

Guyco’s flooring and roofing designs reduce effluent run-off and the impact of rainfall within the herd home or feed pad, this helps keep effluent contained and gives you control over effluent and its environmental impact.

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